Visiones Ocultas de Ausencia

In the exhibition “VISIONES OCULTAS DE AUSENCIA”, (HIDDEN VISIONS OF ABSENCE) ABEL ADRIÁN begins his search and finds the answer in the need to express himself regardless of the medium, by exploring feelings through his works, which tell stories that remain hidden in his memory, perceptions that transgress the vision, and invites the viewer to dialogue with the images to seek their own meaning.

The Tranquility of nothingness is disturbed by the presence of absence.

The exhibition consists of 24 pieces in oil and acrylic on canvas and wood as well as other techniques with which he has experimented, as well as a small sample of his metal sculptures.

The exhibition has been curated by the artist himself and is organized by the Ministry of Culture, the Guadalajara City Council, the Casa Colomos Cultural Center and 212 Productions.

“I had to see Abel’s work one rainy afternoon in June in his studio, transparent, energetic, fluid, strong. I guess because of the desire to provide a balance between darkness and light, emotions, broken dreams, pretensions, a style very different from what has emerged lately.”

Francisco Alejandro